Now that the Colorado Rockies have made what is likely to be their biggest acquisition of the offseason, bringing in Daniel Murphy to play first base and add some consistency to the offense, the question is whether or not they have a roster that can stand to compete for the NL West in 2019.

Without knowing still how the rest of the league will shake out, especially while waiting to see what the Los Angeles Dodgers are up to, we can begin to speculate on the overall potential of the Rockies lineups, especially if we allow ourselves to analyze multiple permutations of it.

There are a few key elements to consider when contstructing these lineups for next season. The primary ones concern Charlie Blackmon’s age and ability to play centerfield moving forward, David Dahl’s health, Ian Desmond’s ultimate value, and the general progression (or lack thereof) of the young contingency featuring Raimel Tapia, Garrett Hampson, and Ryan McMahon. We will hold off for now on projecting lineups with Brendan Rodgers in them.

As it is constituted this very moment, Colorado can throw out some typical or creative lineups that can be tweaked throughout the year.

While on the surface level, it may not seem like much has changed from a year ago, how these players are employed will matter a great deal to that equation.

Let’s begin with a scenario most resembling what we have already seen.

If you believe that Blackmon is at his best leading off, value contact in the two-hole, and want to lean on veterans while young guys prove their value. This is a likely early-season lineup:

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Drew Creasman

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