Denver Nuggets first-round pick Michael Porter Jr. says he’s pain-free following a second back surgery in July, and the 20-year-old is hoping to be able to play at the beginning of the season.

“I don’t have a date, but I’m hoping to be back for the beginning of the year. Gotta heal up, but I feel great,” Porter told ESPN at the NBA’s annual rookie photo shoot in New York. “I’m able to get on the court a little bit right now, do something different things. But my rehab has definitely been very conservative. They’re really taking it easy with me, being patient with me.

“(Doctors originally) only thought one of (the bulging discs) was symptomatic. They went in and fixed that one. Turns out that both were symptomatic. So my first surgery helped a lot but didn’t fix the entire problem. Now that they did this one, I’ve got no pain or anything. I’m excited.”

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Harrison Wind

Harrison Wind covers the Nuggets for BSN Denver. He grew up in Boulder, Colorado and attended the University of Colorado Boulder.