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Lassi Thomson could become a top defenceman at the next level, however, it is more likely that with his defensive issues, he is more of a second pair player. He can be a real threat on the power play though and should be able to put up points if he properly develops. In terms of style, Thomson’s game is reminiscent of Brent Burns. This is a style comparison only, not one based on talent level.

AJ’s Thoughts

Thomson was a frustrating watch for me honestly. As much as I’ve defended Tyson Barrie as a valuable NHL player over the years, I still struggle with defensemen who struggle to play defense. It’s a complicated relationship, okay? Thomson’s defense leaves a lot to be desired. He’s overly aggressive at times with his reads and then way too passive when he has the puck and is trying to breakout. His poise with the puck can go from excellent to disastrous on the same shift. It’s just a roller coaster at times with Thomson.

But that offensive skill is no joke. His shot is absolutely lethal and it might be the best among the defensemen in this year’s class. His skating is great and he looks the part of an offensive defenseman who attacks with the puck but his actual execution can be lacking at times. He’s not overly creative and his vision doesn’t wow you. He just gets the job done. And holy moly that shot. It’s so good.

There’s a lot of work to be done to make him a complete all-around player but he might be one of the big sleepers in this year’s class. He could easily sneak into the first round or drop into the middle of the second round. All it takes is one front office to love the potential.


Avalanche Fit

In the first round, no thanks. Colorado simply doesn’t need what Thomson does well badly enough to justify taking him at 16. At 47, though? Can’t complain about that. He’s got the kind of offensive potential to be absolutely lethal on that side of the puck. At the same time, there’s enough flaws defensively where you may not even get an NHL player out of him. The variations on him are pretty wild.

With Girard and Makar and potentially Barrie on Colorado’s blueline long-term, Thomson really isn’t a great fit. Even if Barrie is gone, Thomson is an awkward fit down the road. But holy moly he could be a lethal goal scorer from the back end and in the second round being too picky is how you end up wasting picks. Thomson’s potential certainly is undeniable.


Ranked #15 by NHL Central Scouting (NA Skaters)
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Ranked #35 by TSN/McKenzie

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