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The Score

“He’s got an NHL-level release, and he can set up his teammates as well as he can score himself. His vision allows him to read the play and know when to strike or when to hesitate.”

The Draft Analyst

It’s not often you see a teenage winger literally play mistake-free hockey game after game, but Boldy finds a way to solving his own team’s problems while simultaneously presenting the opposition with a bunch of their own. He’s got pro-ready size, off-the-charts hockey sense and can score from just about anywhere. Boldy has buttery-soft hands and acts as a set-up man for all four of his mates when he himself is not flanking a playmaker, so this kind of versatility is exactly what you want in a future pro.

He warrants a lot of attention from all five on-ice opponents for several reasons, namely for the violent nature of his directional changes while maintaining full control of the puck. It’s rare to see such a powerful skater look as graceful as Boldy does, and there are times where you have to remind yourself that the player dominating the puck is still a teenager and not a mid-20’s NHL forward.

AJ’s Thoughts

As I started digging into the glut of kids on this US team, I really didn’t know much about Boldy. That changed pretty damn fast. I was just a few games into watching these guys and I couldn’t stop finding Boldy jumping off the ice. His all-around game is just so damn good already and he does everything well. Like The Draft Analyst says above, this is a kid that just plays mistake-free hockey.

He’s got good size and he uses is extremely effectively, both physically rolling into guys and with his stick. He’s great defensively already and he’s a creative playmaker on offense with a lethal snap shot that could see him land as a 25-goal guy in the NHL. He’s a killer all-around player and there’s been talk of him being a Selke guy down the road. That’s always a little premature for me when you’re talking about a teenager who is a wing but it’s exciting nonetheless. Could he play center?


Avalanche Fit

At 4, Boldy would probably be a reach. If they moved down or he inexplicably got to 16, he’d be an amazing fit for them. They need real wing help and Boldy’s skillset is picture perfect for the Avs. They just don’t really have a pick in his range. I’d love to see him get his named by the Avs but that’s because I’m selfish and he’s awesome.


Ranked #7 by TSN/McKenzie


Ranked #9 by NHL CENTRAL SCOUTING (NA Skaters)


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