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Peyton Krebs is a potent point-producer and offensive catalyst that rises to the occasion whenever he’s on the ice. He is a smooth, shifty skater that traverses all three zones with ease and closes the gap on the backcheck quickly. Defensively, his understanding of the game communicates itself through his proactive positioning and an active, lane-disrupting stick.

Willing to go to the dirty areas and fight for the puck, but isn’t at his best there. Offensively, below the opposition’s blue line, he is an electric, dominant force that showcases excellent decision-making and undeniable puck skills. He’s aggressive, but never takes stupid penalties that will put his team in disadvantage state. Krebs’ hockey sense is on full display when he’s making moves, creating space, and orchestrating opportunities for himself and linemates.

All-in-all, Peyton Krebs is an exciting mix of speed, skill, smarts, and hard-nosedness in all three zones. He’s got a very high ceiling. (Curtis Joe, EP 2019)

AJ’s Thoughts

Next to Matt Boldy, Krebs is my favorite player in this year’s draft class. He doesn’t have game-breaking talent but he’s an excellent all-around player who combines legit skill with high hockey IQ. He does everything at a high level. He’d be killer in a job interview because his greatest strength is that he has no weakness.

He’s an exceptional leader and will be a captain in the NHL someday. His intangibles are off the charts and he’s the kind of kid who will see a significant rise at the NHL combine because his interviews will blow teams away and convince them they have to take a chance on his talent.

Given the team he played on was awful, it’s hard to really get a strong read on just how good he is. All of his competition at the top of this year’s draft played on significantly better teams and it can be tough to tell just how good Krebs really could be. His U-18 performance when he centered Cozens and Newhook was a great showcase for him. I’d take him in the top five but I’ll understand if the NHL doesn’t agree with my boldness.


Avalanche Fit

He’d be an amazing fit if Colorado was drafting more at like six or seven than four. It’s just a tough sell to take him that high when nobody really has him ranked in that range. Of course, he fits Colorado’s profile pretty perfectly and reminds some people of Tyson Jost in that he does everything well and will have a great interview process. He’s very different from Jost in a lot of important ways but being lazy is easy and that’s how we approach the draft process all too often. If for some reason Krebs gets past the 10th pick, Colorado should be doing everything they can to trade up and take him before Minnesota gets a shot at him at 12. This is the kind of kid that could haunt you if he goes to a division rival. HAUNT. YOU.


Ranked #9 by TSN/McKenzie

Ranked #6 by

Ranked #10 by NHL Central Scouting (NA Skaters)


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