I meditated today, for about 15 minutes. In part of my “recovery” from life in general, I was told over and over again to just focus on the moment at hand, and nothing else. No future, no past. Just the present. Namaste.

And yet, I felt a lot of emotions tonight watching the Avalanche and Red Wings play, a game in Detroit in which the Avs won 2-0. Most of them had to do with the past, but maybe informed a future in which it mostly can be described as dystopian in its chances to become anything close to reality. There’s zero chance, 0.0, that a rivalry between the current or future Avs and Red Wings will equal the intensity of the past.

That’s what made tonight’s game so much fun to watch – even though it was actually a bit of a dull and maddening game to watch in other aspects.

I saw cheap shots and huge hits and fights and dirty play again tonight in Detroit. It was as if it was 1996 all over again and I was just trying to keep up with the outrage. Yet, it ended in kind of a whimper. Avs win 2-0, get the empty-netter, on to Pittsburgh. I won’t make too much of the “this reminded me of the past” stuff from what I saw tonight.

Still, come on; A fight between an Avs player (Ian Cole) and a Bertuzzi family member (Tyler) happened in this thing. It was something of a hybrid mashup of the past and future, if there is to be another RIVALRY between these teams.

These are my other takeaways from the game:

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Adrian Dater

Adrian Dater has been covering the Avs since their inception. In 2015, he became the lead NHL national columnist with Bleacher Report, where he worked until 2017 before joining BSN Denver.