The Colorado Buffaloes didn’t elect the traditional four captains this season, instead they went with a 12-man leadership council of which four are selected for each game, but one man has emerged as the unquestioned vocal leader of the black and gold, a 5-foot-8, 180 sophomore out of Denver, Phillip Lindsay. Lindsay who has always been know for his fiery personality and…

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Ryan Koenigsberg

Ryan is a Co-Founder and the Vice President of Content Strategy at DNVR. He's also the host of the award-winning DNVR Broncos Podcast and a Broncos columnist for the network. If you couldn't tell based on the fact that he never stops talking about the Buffs, RK graduated from the University of Colorado with a double-major in Journalism and Communication back in 2015, just a few weeks after helping launch then-BSN Denver. A native of Boulder, Colorado, if he's not watching Colorado sports, you might find him on the golf course, taking pictures of wildlife or on the nearest porch with a drink. Follow Ryan on Twitter - @RyanKoenigsberg