This often happens. The “returning player” storyline is an irresistible one to media people. It makes for an easy story. Just ask “What are your thoughts on XYZ former player/teammate returning to play you guys”, transcribe the tape recorder, post it online and, voila, easy day at the office.

Most players you ask about it, though? Couldn’t care less. Players don’t care about guys they don’t play with anymore. They don’t care.

Players’ No. 1 concern – and I’ve said this for a long time, after lots of observation – care about the following things in their career, in order, in my opinion: 1. Their own career. 2. Their health. 3. Their contract status. 4. Whether the team is a winner or not. 5. Their teammates.

“What I think about a former teammate coming in for a game” ranks approximately 924 on their care lists.

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Adrian Dater

Adrian Dater has been covering the Avs since their inception. In 2015, he became the lead NHL national columnist with Bleacher Report, where he worked until 2017 before joining BSN Denver.