After a five minute conversation with Callahan, literally, it was clear Denver was the obvious top destination for the Idaho native for both on and off the field reasons.

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Zac Stevens

Zac Stevens, is a native, born and raised in Denver, Colorado and is on the full-time Broncos beat for Education: Graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Denver in 2014, studying political science and business while in school, and sports during most of his free time. Career: After graduating from DU, Zac deviated from his predetermined law school path after receiving an offer to work for the Cleveland Browns. As a remote employee, he evaluated talent both at the collegiate and professional level as a remote scout for the Browns. Two and a half years later, Zac changed career paths from working for an NFL organization to covering one. At the beginning of 2016, he began covering the Broncos on a full-time basis and after building a portfolio and relationships, joined BSN in October of the same year. Zac and Ryan Koenigsberg have been on the beat together for BSN since, making them only one of two organizations that has two members covering the team on a daily basis. Most memorable sports moment: Growing up in Denver, the two most memorable sports moments in my life are also the most inconceivable—the 2007 Colorado Rockies World Series run and the magical Tim Tebow season with the Broncos. While neither teams were supposed to do anything, both defied the odds and had a run that will be remembered forever in Denver sports history. The finest sports book I’ve ever read: The Natural was a fantastic read as I was going through high school. While the movie is also a classic, the book showed the true highs and lows into the life of an athlete in the 1950’s. A reason to read: Even if you’ve seen the movie, the book ends differently from the movie. One sports move that I can’t live without: My favorite sports movie, unequivocally, is Remember the Titans. Not only does it do a terrific job showing the true inner workings of a high school sports team, it shows how much of an impact sports can have on a community. And who doesn’t love Sunshine? Most memorable experience as a reporter: The day Gary Kubiak had his retirement ceremony is a day I will never forget. Not only was it a crucial time in the Broncos’ history, but it was a rare time when John Elway and Gary had their guards down in front of a media contingent, telling true and raw stories that would only happen in this setting. The sport that started it all: Football. While I didn’t play football until high school, it grabbed my attention since the moment I can remember. Ever since, nothing has changed.